Becoming a tourist hotspot, Buenos Aires is commonly referred to as the Paris of South America. But what hidden stories lay on the underbelly of this city?

We follow the stories of families living in the shantytowns on the outskirts of town and walk alongside them in their day to day endeavors working as cartoneros, or “cardboarders,”

Blanca Zerda is a 31-year-old mother of 7 from the northern provinces of Argentina. 6 years ago she moved to Buenos Aires to escape an abusive spouse and seek a better life for her and her children. They established a humble home in one of the many shantytowns, or villas, around the city.

Victor Pizarro is a 65-year-old father of 6, grandfather of 12 and great-grandfather of 2. He lives a block away from the villa. Victor has spent his life working in the social sector, setting up health centers, programs to get children off the street and learning a trade, but in his years of social service he feels he has neglected his family. To Victor's dismay, his oldest daughter Gaby, educated in private schools, chooses to live in one of the country's most infamous slums with her kids and grandkids.

Along the way we meet friends and family of our main characters and a cross-section of individuals they encounter and live with day to day. We join with the parents in their battle for survival and befriend their children and grandchildren, learning what their view of the world has become.